Thermador Appliance Repair

Thermador Appliance Repair

The first gas cook top and wall oven were made by Thermador Company which in turn completely revolutionized the cooking range industry. For the past 75 years, the company was producing cookware appliances and managed to extend their product line by adding more refrigeration, ventilation and cleaning products for household and business needs.

Overview of Thermador Appliance Repair History

In 1996, William Cranston found Thermador, and during the first years of its existence, the company manufactured electric heaters. Wall ovens and cooktops were introduced by the company in 1947. Following that, in 1956, Thermador took it a step further by presenting warm food drawers which were used while the oven was occupied for cooking purposes. Moreover, in 1963, Thermador presented self-cleaning ovens which were considered as major innovation. As time passed, the company entered the 1970’s with the concept of fast cooking and conducted additional costly research with that respect. The speed-cooking oven was born as a result of numerous technical experiments and observations done by engineers from Thermador. The appliance cooked 40% faster than its competitor-made ovens since it combined microwave and thermal heat together all in one process.

On a regular basis, Thermador appliance repair provides services to the following appliance types:

  • Thermador Residential Appliance Repair
  • Thermador Commercial Appliance Repair
  • Thermador Refrigerator Repair
  • Thermador Ice Maker Repair
  • Thermador Freezer Repair
  • Thermador Stove Repair
  • Thermador Oven Repair
  • Thermador Range Hood Repair
  • Thermador Cook Top Repair
  • Thermador BBQ Repair
  • Thermador Under Counter Refrigerator Repair
  • Thermador Range Repair
  • Thermador Dishwasher Repair
  • Thermador Dryer Repair

Professional Thermador  Appliance Repair Services

Thermador continued their work and introduced super burners for gas cookers and sealed gas burners which in turn helped to generate much needed heat and had advanced ventilation system. In addition, by 1987, Thermador introduced a new trend with low flame burners which assisted with sauce and chocolate preparation. In 2006, Thermador made additional advancement by reducing cooking time by 50% with new Jet impingement technology. Finally, the company presented a new modular refrigerator which included wine preservation columns and built-in fresh food freezer.

Thermador Appliances and Repair

Thermador mastered their products and is now manufacturing refrigeration, cooking range and dishwasher appliances. The company offers a wide selection for oven ranges, such as double, single, steam and convection ranges powered either by gas or electricity. Traditional and convection microwaves are also available by Thermador. Thermador appliance repair (800) 219-4682 became a competitive source for thousands of customers and offers one of the best services in Los Angeles County. A one year warranty plan is typically offered by the manufacturer but most appliances break when the warranty has expired and our experience showed that our company can fix these appliances for a very good price. As soon as existing and future clients turn to our company, Thermador appliance repair rescues their valuable and high-end appliances. Our company will cut down on repair time by offering better services and unlike the manufacturer company, we will beat their proposed time estimates.

Same Day Thermador Appliance Repair And Service In Your Area!

Typically, a manufacturer will spend time processing your claim and finding a dealer next to you. In case they make a referral and the repair company is far from your home or business location, you will end up paying travel/mileage fees and wait longer to get the replacement part and pay extra fees for the second visit. Thermador appliance repair is a local service provider and offers same or next day repair. In case your part needs to be special ordered, we will ensure you receive it as fast as possible without adding extra fees to your total bill. If you notice some early malfunctioning signs on your appliance, call (800) 219-4682 or visit our webpage to fill out the service request form. We will take care of your call and we adhere to “No Call Left Behind” policy when helping our future and existing clients. Properly trained and certified technicians at Thermador appliance repair will fix any type and model appliances produced by Thermador brand. Original and factory made parts are currently utilized for all appliance repairs and will remain the same in the future to resolve all technical and mechanical problems with your units.

Residential And Commercial Thermador Appliance Repair

Once a client books an appointment and the date is secured, Thermador appliance repair will send a professional technician to your premises and will conduct visual and if needed internal diagnostics of your unit. Customer service representatives will share all known information with our technicians so they are ready and have preliminary information about the nature of the problem with your broken appliance and provide an estimate for the repair. Thermador appliance repair (800) 219-4682 provides clear estimates without adding extra fees towards the completion of the job. Should there be any change in total charge, the client is informed about any changes before work starts or continues. No work is performed without client’s authorization. Don’t feel stressed out or left behind with your repair. Thermador appliance repair (800) 219-4682 representatives will help you to resolve the issues as soon as you call the company and let true experts handle your problem in a speedy manner!

We Are Your #1 Thermador Appliance Repair Service Company!

Thermador appliance repair knows the history about the company and how various product lines develop and turn into new modern appliances. New technology brings additional benefits to consumers and offers better results to appliance owners. However, sometimes appliance do break and if you have Thermador appliance repair phone number (800) 219-4682 available for your appliance repair needs, feel free to schedule a service appointment today and learn how to save money for your family or business budget!