Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerator Repair Service

Since the 1940’s, Sub-Zero has produced high quality products. Wine preservation products and refrigerators stand as proof of their work in the kitchen appliance industry. USA-made and distributed refrigerators represent eco-friendly, reliable and high quality products produced by Sub Zero. In order to meet customer’s expectations, the company continues its’ flexibility and modifies products by making their kitchen appliances one of the best in the world.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Company History

In 1943, Westye Bakke assembled the first free standing freezer in Madison, Wisconsin. Two years later, he found the Sub-Zero brand, and ever since, the company produced thousands of refrigerators and kitchen appliances. In 2000, the company grew stronger and purchased the Wolf brand name. Currently, the Sub-Zero is in its third generation family management and ownership. The company remains the leading and best-selling manufacturer in the kitchen appliance industry

Sub Zero Refrigerator Types

The Sub-Zero company assembles a wide variety of wine preservation and refrigeration products, such as:

  • All refrigerator
  • All freezer
  • French door
  • Side by side refrigerator/freezer
  • Over-and-under refrigerator/freezer
  • Glass door refrigerator/freezer

Professional Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Service

Sub-Zero refrigerator units can be purchased as under counter, integrated or built-in products. These refrigerators are available in stainless steel or overlay exterior finish colors and have a customizable exterior. Stainless steel finish remains as a top choice because it is more durable, easier to clean and more attractive. These refrigerators have the best dual refrigeration system because it allows the freezer to keep and maintain a constant temperature. In addition, this system is energy efficient and eliminates odor and moisture. If you face problems with your unit, call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair at (800) 219-4682 and professionals will take care of your Sub-Zero appliance regardless of the type and model.

Common Problems and Solutions for Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerators

There are several technical issues that might occur with a Sub-Zero refrigerator where assistance will be needed from certified and experienced repairmen. If you find yourself in the situation where a service light on your refrigerator is on, call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair at (800) 219-4682. Our technicians will help you resolve problems if you hear strange noises coming from your unit or there is odor inside the refrigerator. We would not advise you to begin complex repairs on your own unless you are certified and/or have training to do so. If you are not sure how to fix your refrigerator, just call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair and we will help you set up an appointment, properly diagnose your appliance and provide professional assistance with resolving these problems.

Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair provides solutions to the following most common issues:

    • The user’s manual will help you to determine the meaning of illuminated or flashing control panel indicator light. Once you know the meaning, you might think either fixing it yourself or consulting with Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair. If you discover that tool indicator illuminating, then most likely, there is a problem with the operating system. Another issue addressed by the microprocessor light could be condenser maintenance and cleaning. If you find your condenser clean, then turn off your refrigerator at the power keypad. Start your unit by pushing the keypad again. If you observe the indicator light illuminating or flashing again, call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair at (800) 219-4682 for additional assistance with your malfunctioning appliance.

    • If you detect interior lights not working inside your refrigerator, check if power is on and the unit is receiving electrical power. If your refrigerator is receiving power, then check for any burned out light bulbs inside your unit. If it appears that light bulbs are not working, then refer to your user’s manual for additional assistance with your refrigerator.

    • If you find that your freezer or refrigerator is not operating properly, check if your unit is getting electrical power from the outlet. Check if the condenser is clean and the home circuit breaker is working. You need to double check for any obstructions in the doorway of your unit and if doors shut completely and tightly without any obstruction. If you find your refrigerator in a showroom mode, then contact experts at Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair by dialing (800) 219-4682 for additional help.

    • Do not panic if you hear strange noises coming from your Sub-Zero unit. They could be temporarily associated with normal operating sounds of your refrigerator. If you hear a strange buzzing noise, it could be linked to your malfunctioning icemaker. Check if your icemaker is turned on and properly connected.

    • During periods of high humidity, little condensation might appear on the outside surface of your refrigerator. As humidity drops, little condensation will disappear. To prevent this, make sure your refrigerator doors are closed and sealed properly.  If condensation problems continue to arise and become an issue, do not wait any longer and call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair for a service appointment.

  • If you detect strange smells and/or odors inside your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you probably need to replace the air purification cartridge. Make sure all the food is sealed and covered properly. Try to clean your unit and see if the odor goes away. Consult with your owner’s manual for the best cleaning products and see if you can clean the drain pan and remove any residue to clear any blockage. If you believe that you are allergic to some detergents and agents and do not feel comfortable cleaning the drain pan, contact Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair (800) 219-4682 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

A Final word from Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair Company

At this point, Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair shared valuable information so you could have general knowledge and understanding of the common problems and how you can approach them. Replacement parts for your Sub Zero refrigerator can be bought from the manufacturer’s website. Also, additional warranty coverage can be purchased from the manufacturer and if you will regularly complete maintenance for your refrigerator, you certainly will prolong the life of your favorite appliance. If you cannot repair your refrigerator, call Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair and our customer service representatives will assist you with scheduling a service appointment and making all appliance related problems go away. Why wait any longer? Call (800) 219-4682 Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator Repair today!