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We are the number one residential appliance repair company in San Diego and we repair various appliance types and models with one main goal: keep our customers happy and deliver services for a very reasonable price. People spend a lot of money for their appliances.  They expect their refrigerators to work without causing problems for everyone at home and their washer to function at its best without flooding carpets and floors. Once a malfunctioning unit is detected in the household, it disrupts everyone’s life and brings chaos to all involved household members. Food can’t be warmed up or clothes can’t be washed and dried on time. There are many examples on how appliance-related issues bring more problems to everyone and it is crucial to know that San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 is considered as the top priority and reliable company when situations like this arise.

Our Pledge To All Of Our Customers

  • Same Day Service For Appliance Repair
  • Experienced Repair Professionals
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Estimates With Repair
  • Work Completed On Site
  • Most Parts Are On Hand So No Wait Time Is Necessary
  • Available For Repair Calls 365 Days a Year, 24 Hours a Day
  • Emergency Appliance Repair Service On Weekends And Holidays
  • Payments We Accept : Checks, Cash, All Major Credit Cards Are Welcome

Highest Quality San Diego Appliance Repair

San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 will offer you the BEST repair service in San Diego regardless the size of the problem. We have done so many times and earned a lot of trust and experience to deliver quick and reliable work. Our customers can expect same day emergency service from our factory trained technicians. We make sure to employ only certified and experienced technicians to deliver top notch service to our customers regardless the appliance brand name and type. Our repairmen have fixed many appliances made by major brands such as Maytag, Sub-Zero, Viking, Thermador, KitchenAid, Bosch, Samsung, GE, Miele and many more.

Smell Good Friendly and Experienced Technicians!

We have the ability to employ technicians who are not limited to work on one appliance type only. This is a very serious advantage when you can dispatch a technician who knows how to fix a refrigerator, oven and dishwasher.  They know how to diagnose and spot a problem and provide the most accurate and detailed estimate. Our technicians are always open-minded about finding additional problems with different appliance types. On several occasions, San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 scheduled calls for refrigerator repairs and our technicians found additional water leaks which helped to discover additional problems with washers or dishwashers. Our customers saved hundreds of dollars on energy bills and preserved their wood floors and carpets.

Preventative Maintenance Programs Available!

San Diego appliance repair recommends scheduling maintenance appointments once in a while to avoid disasters and make your appliances work more efficiently and better. Also, regular maintenance helps to cut down energy costs and identify potential problems at early stages before they turn into major breakdowns and increase the cost of your appliance repair. On a daily basis San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 provides maintenance and repair service for the following appliance types:

  • San Diego Washer Repair
  • San Diego Dryer Repair
  • San Diego Dishwasher Repair
  • San Diego Refrigerator Repair
  • San Diego Freezer Repair
  • San Diego Ice maker Repair
  • San Diego Microwave Repair
  • San Diego Vent/Range Hood Repair
  • San Diego Gas and Electric Stove Repair
  • San Diego Oven Repair
  • San Diego Cook Top Repair

Our Technicians Also Specialize In High-End  Appliance Repair Services in San Diego Such As:

  • Dacor Appliance Repair San Diego
  • Sub-Zero Appliance Repair San Diego
  • Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repair San Diego
  • Viking Appliance Repair San Diego

Tips on How to Provide Regular and Low Cost Service

San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 will share tips for the most common and simple things that could be done on a regular basis and save money to many San Diego residents.

Routine Visual Inspections

The majority of homeowners never conduct visual inspections for their appliances. People are used to seeing their appliances in one place for years and they treat them more like pieces of furniture. However, it would be advisable to take your time and check once a month in what shape are the appliances. San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 suggests looking inside your refrigerator and checking if the door seals are in good shape or check hoses behind your washer and see if they are cracked or have any potential signs of wear and tear. Small problems can be detected and solved easily for a small price.

Proper Placement

It is imperative to have the appliance stay at the needed level and if necessary, use the carpenter’s level to verify. San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 discovered that a huge difference could be made because appropriate levels keep the door of the refrigerator shut. Also, make sure your washer sits on the appropriate level. Otherwise, the spin cycle vibrations will make rolling and rocking cause additional damage. Same idea is applied to each appliance in your house and taking a little  bit of extra time to make sure your appliances are set in the best place should be an important task to do for many home and business owners.

Regular Cleaning Procedures

Many times people think that appliances are dependable machines, but in reality they need to be cleaned and taken cared of as anything else. San Diego appliance repair (800) 219-4682 highly recommends conducting regular routine cleaning because it helps to operate your appliance and prolong its life. The most common user cleaning measure is to brush off dust from the coils in your air conditioner and refrigerator to improve efficiency and save money on energy cost. Also, the motors in your appliances will not overheat after you do all the proper cleaning procedures. Furthermore, inside your dishwasher, food articles, bits of papers, etc., will clog your drain holes and you need to clean them and spray jets of water. At least once in two or three months these procedures should be performed and the risk of running into the most common problems will be minimized and all your appliances will work the way they should.

San Diego Residential & Commercial Appliance Repair

If you believe that you need more tips and solutions for your routine maintenance, call (800) 219-4682 and San Diego appliance repair customer service representatives will answer your questions and make suggestions to fit you appliance repair and maintenance needs. If you find out that the maintenance suggested by our representative is outside of your ability, schedule a service or maintenance appointment today and have firsthand experience with a professional company and knowledgeable technicians.

We Are Your #1 Choice For San Diego Appliance Repair

Everyone at San Diego appliance repair loves our community and neatness of our town and neighboring areas. Our company will provide same or next day service to all San Diego residents for a very reasonable price while working on your premises. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we constantly achieve it with every call we receive. Trained and certified technicians help our company and our clients to reach the desired goal of having happy customers and repaired appliances in San Diego. Our technicians will take their time and explain customers what needs to be repaired – how much time it will take, what parts need to be replaced and how much it will cost. San Diego appliance repair is available during late hours, holidays, and weekends. We accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. Call San Diego appliance repair at (800) 219-4682 today and get your repair started and you will have your appliance back in working condition!

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