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ASKO Appliance Repair Services

ASKO Corporation has been conducting business for 60+ years and manufactured high-end and reliable dryers, washers and dishwashers. These appliances have one thing in common: they function with less electricity, detergent and water.

A Little About ASKO Appliance Corporation History

In 1950, a young Swedish farmer, Karl-Erick Anderson, designed and built a new innovative washer which was considered as a revolutionary invention in the appliance manufacturing industry. The washing machine was the most environmentally friendly at that time and Karl-Erick Anderson turned his farm into a manufacturing company. Today, the farm still stands at its original location and continues to produce ASKO products. ASKO became a well-recognized international brand and leader for producing innovative and environmentally friendly products. In 1999, an environmental certification was awarded to ASKO due to its compliance with environmental protection and with ISO 14001 and increased efforts to continue making new appliances. ASKO products are star rated and a majority of materials used to produce ASKO appliances are recyclable. Dryers, washers and dishwashers produced by ASKO received star rating around the world. Call us today for your ASKO Appliance Repair needs at (800) 219-4682.

All Types of ASKO Appliance Repair Is Finally Here!

Lack of customer service and proper instructions seem to be the most troublesome issue people face when their ASKO appliances stop working. People complain about the customer service level and the turnaround time offered by the ASKO company. Another major deficiency is related to the fact that ASKO discontinues producing spare parts for their appliances which makes it very hard to repair appliances once they begin to malfunction. ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 learned that sometimes pumps in water machines stop working and prevent the machine from draining water. Another problem discovered by technicians is related to motherboards being overheated and results in a potential risk of fire damage. Customers also complain about the 2 year warranty without knowing there is an additional one year warranty available and clients need to mail the card to the company within 90 days after the initial purchase.

ASKO Appliance Repair fixes and services the following appliance types and models:

  • ASKO Dishwasher Repair
  • ASKO Washer Repair
  • ASKO Dryer Repair
  • ASKO Laundry Repair

Same Day Residential & Commercial ASKO Appliance Repair Services

ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 discovered that the most common complaints about washing machines regardless the brand names are related to improper water filling and draining which in turn directly effects how clothes are cleaned. Also, dishwashers are known to have the same type of problem with additional issues when drying dishes. Error codes on majority of appliances help to identify the problem but there are times when this option is not available and people call ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 to speak with customer service representatives from ASKO appliance repair.

Factory Trained & Long Term ASKO Appliance Repair Service Experience

Occasionally, customers can find some troubleshooting tools online and see how they can repair their ASKO appliances on their own. In these instructions, customers will typically find a step by step guide on how to solve some problems and difficulties and correct errors with appliances. Some problems are easy to spot and fix while others will require some time. ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 will assist you with solving problems if you feel that website guidance is ineffective and does not benefit you. All new and existing clients at ASKO appliance repair will meet their technician and see how the company will handle their requests. Since we became the ultimate choice for many ASKO appliance owners, people are happier now realizing that service appointments are not hard to book and there is no need to wait 2 weeks to hear from the manufacturer.

Service Vehicles Fully Stocked With ASKO Appliance Repair Replacement Parts!

ASKO appliance repair makes sure that clients get the help they deserve for a very reasonable price. Online Service request forms are available to everyone who needs our help and technicians are on stand-by. They carry the most common and needed factory made parts in their trucks and are ready to come and rescue your ASKO appliance whether it is a washer, dishwasher or dryer call to schedule your same day ASKO Appliance Repair at (800) 219-4682. Top quality help is something ASKO appliance repair offers to its clients and as soon as you visit our webpage, you will find additional coupons and information on how to provide regular maintenance to your appliance at a low cost. Preventive measures and steps assisted many Los Angeles residents to prolong the lives of their ASKO appliances.

We Are Your #1 ASKO Appliance Repair Center

The entire repair process will unfold in front of you and there is no need to be stressed out about the repair. ASKO appliance repair utilizes top quality parts only and you will avoid buying new appliances if we can do the job for you. Moreover, we will waive the service call fee if ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 will be the service providers for you at your home or business locations. There are several technicians who have experience fixing commercial appliances and they will come to your rescue as soon as you provide detailed information to our customer service representatives. Contact our company at ASKO Appliance Repair (800) 219-4682 and we will assist you with settling all issues around your ASKO appliance. The sooner you contact the company, the better the chances are that you will save more money on the repair and less damage will be done to your high end ASKO appliance! Professional help is one phone call away; so don’t hesitate to contact the company today!